Privacy Policy

§ 1
General information.

  1. The main Website Manager of is
    Wojciech Batyra “Redigart Design”
    Wisłowiec 82
    22-417 Stary Zamość, Poland
  2. The website serves the function of collecting and storing users’ data through:
    1. data voluntarily entered in forms
    2. saving cookie files on user’s device
    3. collecting www server logs by the hosting provider Redigart Design, available on

§ 2
Information in forms.

  1. The website collects data voluntarily given by the user.
  2. The website may also save the information about the connection parameters (time markers, IP address)
  3. Data in forms are not shared to third parties other than with the user’s consent.
  4. Data written in forms are processed for the purpose implied in the function of a given form, order to apply for a service request or make a trade contact.
  5. Data given in forms may be transferred to entities implementing some technical services – it especially concerns transferring data about the domain’s owner to the entities that use website domains (mainly NASK – Research and Academic Computer Network), services handling payments or to other entities with whom the Website Manager cooperates within this scope.

§ 3
Information about cookies.

  1. The service uses cookies.
  2. The cookies consist of IT data, especially text files, which are stored in final device of a Service User and are assigned for using websites of the Service. Cookies usually consist of a website’s name, from which they derive, the time of being stored on the terminal device and a unique number.
  3. The Service Operator can place cookies on the final device and can access them.
  4. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
    1. to produce the statistics which will help to understand the way Service Users use the websites, which enables the improvement of their structure and content;
    2. deciding on the User’s profile to show them suitable adverts, especially in Google.
  5. The service uses permanent cookies. The permanent cookies are stored in the User’s terminal device for the period of time set in the cookies’ parameters or till they are removed by the User.
  6. The software used for websites browsing usually allows to place cookies by default on the User’s final device. Users may adjust settings for it. The web browser allows deletion of cookies. Automatic cookies blocking is also possible. Specific information about it is included in the “help” section or in the browser documentation.
  7. Restriction on the use of cookies may influence certain functions available on the Service websites.
  8. Cookies placed in User’s final devices can be also used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the Service operator.
  9. It is advised to read the privacy policy requirements of these companies to learn about the terms of use of cookies in statistics Privacy Policy of Google Analytics.
  10. Cookies can be used by ad networks, especially Google, to display adverts suited to the way the User uses the Service. In order to do that the information about the User’s navigation or the amount of time spent on the website can be saved.
  11. In the scope of information about User’s preferences collected by the network of Google adverts the User can browse and edit any information that result from cookies by using the following tools:

§ 4
Server logs.

  1. Information about selected behaviours of the users is subject to logging in the server tiers. This data is used only to administer the Service and to provide most efficient hosting services.
  2. The browsed information is identified by URL addresses. Additionally, the following information can be also stored:
    1. the time of request,
    2. the time of response,
    3. the user’s station name – the identification is made by HTTP,
    4. information about errors connected with HTTP transaction,
    5. URL address, websites previously visited by the user (refer link) – in case when transferred to the Service through a link,
    6. information about the user’s browser,
    7. information about the IP address.
  3. The data are not matched to any specific visitors browsing the websites.
  4. The data are only used to administer the server.

§ 5
Data access.

  1. Data are available to a third party only within the limits permitted by the law.
  2. Data that enable the identification of a person are available when permitted by the person.
  3. The operator may be obliged to provide authority with information collected by the Service on the basis of lawful orders in the scope of these orders.

§ 6
The management of cookies – how to provide and withdraw the consent?

  1. If the user does not agree to receive cookies, he can change browser settings. We explain that if one disables cookies essential for confirmation, safety, maintaining user’s preferences it can hinder or even prevent the user from using the website.
  2. In order to manage cookies settings choose a browser from the list below and follow the instructions:
    1. Internet Explorer
    2. Chrome
    3. Safari
    4. Firefox
    5. Opera
    6. Android
    7. Safari (iOS)
    8. Windows Phone
    9. Blackberry