The position of a website in the search results (a limited position) is the main factor that influences the website and company popularity on the Internet in the branch in which they operate. The very placing of the website on the Internet allows to visit the website by people who already know about it. In order to promote the website on the Internet successfully, the optimization of the SEO code (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary. If a website is based on CMS it is a much easier process and it partly allows the person who manages the website to do this. The next step is the positioning itself. We offer a successful positioning of websites, shops – those brand new and already existing, an optimization of the SEO code, an integration with social media which will also improve the position in search results. What also improves the search results in Google is the responsive design.

Moreover, we offer creating and managing adverts camapaigns AdWords in Google. These are paid adverts visible in search results. The charges are calculated only for the hit, but the target group may be set so that it enables maximization of hits within the assumed budget. An optimized SEO website may reduce the prices of adverts.