Websites & online shops

The look of a website or an on line shop is not only nice graphics, which is obviously very important, but also the layout of the key elements. In this way the visitors may quickly find what they are looking for. A major role is played by movable parts such as animations which may attract attention. The movable parts that we use are based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript supported by all the modern Internet browsers. The animations made in this technology work properly and fluently, and contrary to Flash animations they work on Smartphones.

Another essential factor that we take into consideration while creating a website design is the ability to use it on mobile devices. In Poland the technology of the responsive design (RWD) is still an exclusive product and reserved for large companies only. Responsive design created by Redigart Design is a standard for designing websites and it will look well not only on a big computer screen but also on a tablet or a Smartphone.

We also offer creating a website adjusted for the blind and partially sighted. For partially sighted people we prepare special design and colours which facilitates distinguishing shapes and reading them. Blind people using special website reading programmes will be able to become familiar with the content.