We create websites based on CMS (Content Management System), adjusted to the individual needs and uses of our clients, enabling them to fully control the content of their website. The content management is very intuitive, so it should not be problematic for those who do not use it on a daily basis. The systems are protected in a way that do not enable non-authorised access. There is a possibility to adjust the level of access to individual parts of a website for different users, eg. one user may manage only the content added by him, another one may manage the whole content along with that added by others. A website based on CMS is an investment that will reduce the future costs since there is no need to engage anyone to update the company data, to change the images and web design, or to create or remove subsites. Therefore, it is of no importance whether the website has got 3, 30 or 300 subsites because it does not have any influence on its cost and response.

Another advantage of our systems is the ability to change the design without any necessity to build another website from scratch, instead it is enough to update the theme of the website or to create it and use on the existing website. So if you would like to “refresh” the design of your website in the future, it is not necessary to create it again, copy the content from the previous website to the new one, which may be problematic in case of extended services and it can considerably prolong the process of creating the website, it is enough to simply upload the new theme on the server and activate it.

The code of the Internet websites is optimised to fit search engines (SEO) and the website speed. It is of key importance for later promotion of the website on the Internet, eg. for its better positioning in search engines such as Google.